Hollywood stuntman and Kung Fu artist sets up shop in Crawley


A Hollywood stuntman and fight choreographer for other Hollywood movies plans to set up a martial arts center in Crawley, England.

Leon Sua is a Kung Fu expert hired to work on some of the biggest Hollywood movies in the past like Batman Begins, Fast and Furious 6, and Tomorrow Never Dies. He currently works with the filming of Avengers sequel Age of Ultron.

The 44-year old Leon started training in kung fu when he was seven and eventually won the title outstanding junior in the UK at 14.

Now he wants to share his skills to others by enlarging his current one-on-one martial arts sessions in the Crawley area.

Liverpool university and MMA joins forces in research


A historic partnership between UK’s fastest growing sport, mixed martial arts, and Liverpool John Moores University is underway to allow researchers to check the health and fitness of fighters.

“MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world and; despite this there is currently no governing or regulatory body for MMA within the UK. This research will help promote the healthy and safe participation in this popular sport,” said Ben Crighton, conditioning coach and a nutritionist participating in the study.

The results of the study will yield detailed breakdown of the fighter’s fat mass, bone density, and muscle mass.

Dubai court frees martial artist accused of murder


A martial artist living in Dubai had been acquitted by the court after it got confirmation that he tried to resuscitate his girlfriend instead of killing her.

A 30-year old Tunisian with initials I.S. had been charged with murder for the death of his Japanese girlfriend, M.R.,  in their Al Nahda flat.

Prosecutors accused him of killing his girlfriend by pressing his fingers around her neck using a special martial arts technique.

The police initially ruled the death as natural but was changed a week later accusing the Tunisian of murder. He denied the accusations.

The court’s decision is open for appeal for 15 days.

Chicago martial arts instructor under surveillance after an allegation of child molestation


A 61-year old taekwondo instructor from Chicago has been put under electronic monitoring at his home following a charge that he molested an 8-year old boy in his studio.

Triantafilos “Terry” Tottas allegedly fondled, kissed, and groped his victim while giving taekwondo lessons.

Tottas is currently teaching taekwondo lessons in South Loop Elementary School and the school has warned parents about the incident although they clarified that the victim is not from their school.

Tottas’ neighbor, Zori Bliznnkoe, told CBS Chicago that Tottas is capable of such and in fact she has her children learn martial arts from him.

Upcoming UFC video game of EA Sports to feature Bruce Lee


Forty years after his death, Bruce Lee’s fans including countless MMA fighters, can now recount the moves of their idol in an upcoming EA Sports Ultimate Fighting Championship video game.

The game will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 17.

The family of Bruce Lee is in close cooperation with EA Sports and the UFC over the years. The parties have worked together in creating documentaries of Bruce Lee, as well as producing his memorabilia like posters, clothing, and more.

The game allows current MMA characters to fight against Bruce Lee.

EA scanned a replica head cast, countless videos and pictures, as well as other resources to come up with a realistic Bruce Lee character in the game.

Lawyers of woman accused of killing boyfriend with stiletto taps martial arts expert during trial


Houston, TX–Defense attorneys of Ana Lilia Trujillo brought in a martial arts expert to demonstrate to a jury how she was attacked by her boyfriend. Trujillo stabbed her boyfriend, Alf Stefan Anderson, with her stiletto 25 times in the face during an argument, effectively killing him. During the trial, Chris Martinez, the martial arts expert and another man performed a demonstration by rolling on the ground trying to replicate the struggle on the night of the killing.

Trujillo’s lawyers claim that she defending herself from the victim.

Her side also presented medical records of what they believe were injuries she suffered during the attack but the prosecution countered that the same injuries were sustained weeks before the night of the killing, when Trujillo had also a fight with her ex-boyfriend.

Koshiki Karatedo World Cup venue switches to London


“Circumstances” in Baku, Azerbaijan, the original host of this year’s Koshiki Karatedo World Cup, has forced organizers to move the event to London this coming June 21 and 22.

The Koshiki Karatedo Association spans several countries that include players from Russia, Japan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Canada, among others.

This martial art form allows practitioners to use their karate skills in competition with the aid of ultra light protective fear, face mask, and a chest pad. The sport allows full body contact but the gear protect competitors from injury.

“This is further testament to the ability of sport to bring together people from conflicting countries in the spirit of friendship and sportsmanship,” the Association says regarding the change of venue.

Jiu-Jitsu instructor hit by assailant in his studio


Burbank, CA — Burbank police are looking for an unidentified man who attacked a martial arts instructor in his own studio on Monday.

Withholding his identity, the said instructor was about to close his shop at 5:30 pm in 3100 block of Winona Avenue when he was approached by a man claiming to have interest in taking a class.

As the instructor turned around to get some pamphlets, he was reportedly tackled from behind. After regaining his balance, the suspect ran from the shop and hopped into a blue mountain bike.

The man is 5 feet 8 inches tall and probably around 180 pounds. Police said he was wearing a dark sweatshirt.

Nanny of royal family trains in martial arts


Spanish national Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, the new nanny hired to look after the son of Prince George and Duchess kate Middleton, is said to be trained not only to care but also to fight.

MailOnline confirmed that Maria was trained at Norland College in Bath. Her 3-year £36,000 course, comes with Taekwondo as the “martial art of choice” to “dodge a potential kidnapper with a pram.”

Maria is also trained to drive well at high speed in all types of weather to escape possible kidnapping.

She has been working under the royal family for two weeks now. She will also be going together with the royal couple on their Australia and New Zealand tour.

Martial arts trained Indian actress victim of groping in her own apartment


Mumbai is now known for being a city unsafe for ordinary women but even celebrities living in pampered compounds are just as vulnerable.

Indian actress and Voice Jockey Rhea Chakraborty reportedly filed a sexual harassment complaint to the police after she was groped by a “well dressed” man while taking a stroll in her apartment complex late in the afternoon on March 19.

Trained in martial arts, the actress kicked the man hard then screamed for help.

She also mentioned the lack of interest of security guards in helping her right away.

“Is anyone going to bother, elections are round the corner! Mumbai is suffocatingly unsafe. Can a girl not walk in to her own building at 5 pm? Where is the f*****g guarantee of not getting molested?” she said in her Twitter account.