Ronda Rousey declines to fight against transgender Fallon Fox


The Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey has been vocal in refusing to fight the first transgender in the MMA world, Fallon Fox. Rousey thinks that there is no “undo button” on gender as the UFC champ had done some research regarding Fallon’s scenario. She added, “In Fallon Fox’s case, I think she does have an unfair advantage.”

On her Facebook account, Fallon responded stating that “I really wish Ronda would stop with the ridiculous bone structure arguments”.

Researchers have also expressed their opinion and point out that a transgender would have an actual disadvantage in a fight because the bone strength and muscle density might be affected due to hormone treatment.

MMA star punched Expendables 3 director during a shoot


MMA star and actress Ronda Rousey reportedly beat up her film’s director Patrick Hughes albeit it’s in a friendly environment.

The Expendables 3 director offered himself up as a punching bag for Rousey during filming to let her nervousness out of her system. The actress usually spar and punches bags before her fight and her first big shoot with Sylvester Stallone made her nervous.

Hughes explains: “Ronda’s first scene ever was with Sly (Sylvester Stallone) at a bar and she was really super nervous. I said, ‘What do you do before a big fight?’ And she said, ‘I like to spar in a room and get that nervous energy out’. “So I said, ‘You need to hit something? Let’s find something to hit!’ She said, ‘But I wanna hit you. Put your arms up’. “I’m thinking, ‘Ronda’s just gonna hit my hands,’ so I put my arms up and she goes, ‘wham!’ The next day I was getting dressed and my kids were there and said, ‘Dad, what’s that?’ I had this huge black mark and a broken rib. I said, ‘I got beaten up by an actress!'”

Penn State Defensive tackle Anthony Zettel trains in MMA to hone skills


Penn State defensive tackle Anthony Zettel trains in mixed martial arts to enhance his defensive skills, a report said. While Zettel is an obvious gifted athlete, his abilities has been honed to perfection by training with MMA veteran Bruce Lombard. Zettel racked up seven tackles for loss and three sacks in three games this year. Lombard’s MMAFx program is specifically designed to help football players to improve their conditioning, arm speed, footwork, and more. Lombard trained formed Penn State offensive guard John Urschel and defensive tackle DaQuan Jone before they were drafted in the 2014 NFL draft. Zettel works with Lombard 3 days every week and focuses on boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, and other forms of martial arts.

Luke Rockhold and Michael Bispig in heated argument during press conference

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Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping have finally come face to face during their press conference held in Australia.

Former Strikeforce middleweight champion Luke Rockhold will fight the unofficial Strikeforce 185-pound kingpin Michael Bisping in the five-round “Fight Pass” of UFC Fight Night 55. The match will be held in AllPhones Arena in Sidney, Australia on November 8, 2014.

During the media event, the two UFC fighters have exchanged not so good words. “I want to go out there to embarrass this man. There are not a lot of people I don’t like, but Michael Bisping is at the top of that list”, said Rockhold. The statement got a response by the British martial arts star.

“You don’t like me? That’s great, I don’t like you either”, Bisping said.

The Grandmaster will excite martial arts fanatic


The Grandmaster is based on the life of the legendary martial artist Ip Man, a recognized guru of the Wing Chun discipline. He famously taught Bruce Lee when the latter was young then.

Tony Leung from the Crouching Tiger movie stars as the Ip Man and directed by Wong Kar Wai. The movie demonstrates Ip Man’s skill and power of wing chun. The biopic is set in the 1930s  through to the 1950s, the significant years that made him one of the greatest fighters in Chinese history.

Zhang Ziyi from the movies Rush Hour and Memoirs of Geisha is also present on the film.

The Grandmaster offers wonderful fighting scenes that will satisfy the martial arts fans.

Ronda Rousey’s next fight will be against Bethe Correia


According to reports, the current UFC Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey will fight Bethe Correia.

Correia, with an undefeated record of 9-0, provided a message to Rousey when she won the fight against Shayna Blazer for a technical knockout at UFC 177. “I have a message for Ronda Rousey, I want her belt and I’m coming to take it. The belt is going to be mine,” she said in the interview with the LA Times.

This is the second time that the Brazilian fighter had won the fight against the member of “The Four Horsewomen” wherein Rousey is a member.

UFC Persident Dana White has not yet confirmed if the match will happen.

Mixed martial arts fighter who severely beat porn star girlfriend arrested for attempted murder and 30 other charges


Jonathan Koppenhaven, a mixed martial arts expert known as “War Machine” has been arrested then pleaded not guilty in his first appearance in a Las Vegas courtroom.

He is a suspect for 30 felonies as well as attempted murder charge filed against him by his girlfriend, Christy Mack.

She feared for life during the attack when she suffered 18 broken bones around the eyes, broken nose, missing teeth, and sexual assault. Mack claimed that Koppenhaven threatened her with a knife, touching some of parts of her body with its tip.

The MMA fighter is currently being held without bail.

Jackie Chan’s addressed issue over son’s arrest


Jackie Chan, has responded on his microblog regarding his son’s arrest in Beijing on August 14, 2014 for suspicion of marijuana possession.

The famous martial artist apologized to the public on Wednesday after the incident. He takes responsibility for the drug charges laid against his son. “I feel very angry and very shocked. As a public figure, I’m very ashamed. As a father, I’m heartbroken. I have failed to educate my son. I must also take responsibility, and in my son’s name take a deep bow and apologize to the public”, Chan wrote. He also hopes that young people will learn from Jaycee’s lesson and avoid drugs.

Jaycee Chan, 31, was found with more than 100 grams (or 3.5 ounces) of marijuana in his house according to reports.

In 2009, Jackie Chan was named by Beijing police as an official “Narcotics Control Ambassador”.

Martial arts instructor arrested for molestation charge


A Mountain View instructor was arrested by the Palo Alto police for allegedly trying to kiss a minor at a martial arts studio in May.

Jorge Alberto Tejada, 39, self-surrendered to the authorities on Thursday when a warrant was issued for a misdemeanor charge of annoying or molesting a child. He is an instructor at the Hiruko Wellness at Middlefield Road. The teenager who was 17 at that time was Tejada’s student on one of his classes.

The teenager had been taking taekwondo lessons at the age of eleven and eventually become a part-time employee at the studio. Police officers had released the information to check if Tejada had any other victims.

Mixed martial arts fighter beats ex-girlfriend


A criminal complaint has been filed against the former UFC and Bellator fighter War Machine Jon Koppenhaver for allegedly beating his former girlfriend Christy Mack.

Charges were filed in the state of Nevada which includes battery with substantial bodily harm, assault with a deadly weapon, open or gross lewdness and coercion.

Mack, a pornographic actress is in the hospital with serious injuries, including multiple broken bones around her face after the alleged beating. She posted graphic photos of her swollen and beaten face online.

Police are currently searching for the mixed martial arts fighter. According to the Bellator MMA President Scott Coker, the company is dissolving its contract with the fighter because of these accusations.