NJ martial arts instructor charged with sexual assault


A martial arts instructor was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a 13-year old student in Springfield, New Jersey.

George Mendoza-Valentino, 27, was charged with a single count of second-degree sexual assault and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child. Mendoza-Valentino, a co-owner of ATA Martial Arts Academy, reportedly sexually assaulted the teenager repeatedly at the studio.

The instructor was in court on Wednesday with his lawyer, asking the judge to reduce the $125,000 bail. The lawyer added that his client has no criminal records and not a flight risk.

Authorities are encouraging anyone who might be a victim to have any information to come forward. The suspect is currently being held at the Union County Jail.

Pacquiao and Algieri both in Macau for the anticipated fight



WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao will defend his title against WBO light-welterweight champion Chris Algieri in the anticipated pay per event. The bout will be held at the Venetian Resort in Macau, China. The two boxers face the media during a press conference on Wednesday morning to discuss their upcoming fight on Saturday night.

Boxing analysts are interested on Pacquiao’s opponent and expecting a huge chance for Algieri to win the fight.

Chris Algieri, 30 , an MA graduate from Stony Brook has yet to lose on any of his 20 fights with eight knockouts. The Long Island boxer is also taller than the Filipino boxer, which can be an advantage.

Museum exhibit honoring martial arts legend Bruce Lee


A new exhibit entitled “Do You Know Bruce?” is currently ongoing at the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle. The exhibit offers the personal belongings of the legendary martial artist. The fans can see a total of 300 photos, poems, letters and artifacts from the famous artist. Most of the belongings were loaned from Lee’s wife Linda and his daughter Shannon Lee. There were also notes of hand-to-hand combat, kung fu principles and fight diagrams found in spiral notebooks which was written by Lee.

The exhibit is divided into three installments over the next three years. The first part offers the life of Lee in his hometown. Next year’s exhibit will focus on his martial arts movies and life in Hollywood. The final installment will focus to Lee as an artist.

Man paralyzed after martial arts training accident


A hardworking and active firefighter in Lexington County was paralyzed after an accident during a martial arts training.

On October 30, 2014, during his off from work, Adam Bacon suffered a traumatic injury while training. The accident damaged several vertebrae in the firefighter’s neck leaving him limited use of his arms. Bacon’s chest muscles are not working properly as these are badly affected by the accident, thus, a ventilator was placed last week.

He will be moved to a new facility once his condition will be stable.

The family and friends of the firefighter were setting up a website for any donation that will support Bacon’s expenses for the treatment and rehab.

Mix martial artist with Down Syndrome finds his match


A 25-year-old man in Cooper City with Down syndrome will finally have his first fight on November 8, 2014.

Garrett Holeve, a mixed martial artist who did not consider his condition as a hindrance in learning the skill and to be a professional MMA fighter.  He started training in 2011 when a new gym opened in their town.

Holeve has fought to have the chance to fight in a sanctioned match. His match against David Steffan was approved by Spire Sanctioning and Fighting for Autism group had sponsored the event. The event will be held in Missouri since both athletes’ hometown would not sanction the fight.

Davis Steffan famously called as Cerebral Assassin, is a former Olympian born with cerebral palsy.

Holeve is looking forward to the fight and hoping to knock out David and win the fight.

New martials movie coming to theaters this week


A new martial arts movie will be coming this Friday to selected theaters for martial arts fans. Directed by Teddy Chan, the movie “Kung Fu Jungle” both cast IP Man actor Donnie Yen and Shaolin-trained Chinese actor Wang Baoqiang in the film.

The film’s mission is to promote Chinese martial arts to the world with a different setting. Yen, an expert in martial arts and well-known actor worldwide for his role in IP Man and Monkey King, plays the leading role as a former top Wushu exponent imprisoned for accidentally killing his opponent. Baoqiang, a murderer who wants to kill top martial arts experts.

Kung Fu Jungle offers a thrilling and impressive fighting scene until the end.

Jackie Chan hopes to be a qualified father


Jackie Chan has been recently busy promoting his latest film in Beijing called titled Skiptrace. The movie with a budget of $32 million, stars Chan as a detective from Hong Kong and Johnny Knoxville as the American gambler who will team up to fight a Chinese criminal. The movie is directed by Die Hard 2 movie director Renny Harlin and will be released in theaters in 2015.

When Chan was asked by the media about his son’s arrest on September for drug possession, the martial arts star addressed the issue.

“I am always a father. I used to be an unqualified father. Now, after this event, I want to be a qualified father,” Jackie Chan said.

The actor has requested the media not to speculate about his son’s case in respect of Jaycee’s mother, former Taiwanese actress Lin Feng-jiao.

Martial arts classes open for disabled people in Boston


North West Warriors Martial Arts and Fitness Centre has launched classes intended for disabled children and adults. The club located in Boston was able to secure funds for these classes. This will help everyone a chance to learn new skills, have a healthy lifestyle and build confidence.

Paul Smith, 43, an owner of a martial arts club in Breightmet, the said facility is the only club in Boston offering classes for disable person. Smith, 43, has been taking martial arts since the age of 11. He is the current ISKA world champion and his inspiration the martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

The main goal of these classes is to encourage everyone not to let disability get in the way in making their lifestyle fit and active.

10-year old boy attacked by a gang uses Thai martial arts to protect himself


A boy reportedly attacked by 15 boys protected his self from major injuries by using Thai martial arts skills as defense.

Jamie Wood and his three friends are set to go home after swimming when they are approached by a group of boys. The schoolboy was hit in the face multiple times and was kicked all over his body. In order to protect himself from being badly beaten, he applied what he learned from the Muay Thai training he just recently learned.

Wood rolled his body into a ball and covered his face with his fists and his arms blocked the front of his body.

His two friends ran to his house and asked for helped. His stepfather, James Reith, rescued Jamie from his attackers.

Jamie was taken to a hospital and has no major injuries. The police are seeking for the gang members who attacked the boy.

Gina Carano cast in Bus 657 film

Gina Carano at Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party

The mix martial arts fighter has been busy with her Hollywood duties having two scheduled movies to be filmed before the end of 2014. Aside from that, Gina Carano has been cast alongside with Oscar winner Robert de Niro in the film entitled “Bus 657″. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and former World Wrestling fighter David Bautista are also included in the film. The former Strikeforce, will play as a cop and will be chasing two men who hijacks 2 buses.

For the past months, it was reported that Carano and Dana White were almost done with the deal to have her back in the ring. However, from the recent interview with the president of the UFC, White said that the Carano has been the hardest human being they ever dealt. It is less likely that she will be returning in the upcoming months.