Gina Carano cast in Bus 657 film

Gina Carano at Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party

The mix martial arts fighter has been busy with her Hollywood duties having two scheduled movies to be filmed before the end of 2014. Aside from that, Gina Carano has been cast alongside with Oscar winner Robert de Niro in the film entitled “Bus 657″. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and former World Wrestling fighter David Bautista are also included in the film. The former Strikeforce, will play as a cop and will be chasing two men who hijacks 2 buses.

For the past months, it was reported that Carano and Dana White were almost done with the deal to have her back in the ring. However, from the recent interview with the president of the UFC, White said that the Carano has been the hardest human being they ever dealt. It is less likely that she will be returning in the upcoming months.

CNN Heroes finalist includes a rabbi who fights cancer using martial arts


Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg, a rabbi for 12 years, has been included as one of the finalist in CNN’s Global Hero competition for his work in helping the kids with cancer by teaching them martial arts.

His mission started one day after watching a five-year old screaming in pain during cancer treatment.

“In martial arts, you learn that pain is a message that you don’t have to listen to,”  Golberg said. “That lesson is so unbelievably effective.”

He taught the boy his Choi Kwang-Do craft, a form of martial arts that Golberg is a black belt in. He also taught the boy breathing techniques that when a nurse removed a needle after chemotherapy, Golberg observed the boy didn’t even noticed it.

In 1999, the rabbi founded Kids Kicking Cancer, which aims to provide free martial arts classes and breathing techniques for children.

“The Martial Arts Kid” movie cast a legendary female martial artist


“The Martial Arts Kid” is a 2015 action film that both starred two famous martial artists in Hollywood such as Don Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock.

For the past decade, Rothrock has been considered the greatest female martial artist of all time and named as the “Queen of Martial Arts Films”. She had made 43 action or martial arts films over the years and this movie will be her first starring role after eleven years of staying away from the limelight.

The film focuses on the life of a troubled teenager who became responsible after taking martial arts from his aunt and uncle. Producer Ryan Westheimer promises an action packed film and a treat to the martial arts community.

Young girl trained in martial arts beats up attacker


A 14-year-old girl beats up a 35-year old man who tried to grab her in a public park in Sussex on Saturday morning.

The young girl who studied martial arts for many years was walking alone in the Tilgate Park in Crawley, when a man 20 years her senior came up behind her and grabbed her. The attacker who was reportedly 5 ft-7 inches tall was left with bruises and beaten after she punched and kicked the man in order to escape.

The man was arrested after the attempted attack by the Sussex Police and the authorities were encouraging the public who might have witnessed the incident to provide additional information.

Taekwondo instructor shot his 10-year old son before killing himself


A martial instructor who had been recently separated from his partner shot their 10-year old son before killing himself.

Miguel Angel Diaz, 37, was found dead with his son’s body Juan Martin in the gym at their residence.

The mother of the boy, Elizabeth Lindt, found their lifeless body when she visited their home after he failed to answer her phone calls.

The taekwondo instructor shot his head and hanged himself while leaving a suicide note.

Diaz has been teaching self-defense for security guards and policemen in the Argentinian town of Concordia.

The incident was treated as a homicide and a suicide by the authorities.

Martial arts instructor arrested for sexual assault


A martial arts instructor in Campbell has been arrested for alleged sexually assaulting a teenage student in his studio.

William T. Schellinger II, 43, is charged with two felony counts of sexual assault of a child and repeated sexual assault of a child.

The 15-year old teenager told the police that she and the instructor were closed and had been texting each other every day.  They had known each other for two years now.  According to the teenager, the sexual relationship started in March. She was told by the instructor not to inform anyone about their relationship or he would kill himself.

The instructor denied the allegations but admitted that he was “sexting” the teenager and given her sexual device.

50-year old science teacher wins first MMA match


Patrick Kelly, a 50-year old teacher from Rockport, Maine, has fulfilled his lifelong dream–by becoming an mixed martial arts fighter. Kelly has been teaching science at Camden Hills Regional High School for the past 20 years. “At the end of the day I’m blessed to be able to have this wonderful opportunity. Nothing to prove, just to myself,” he said. He fought his debut match at the New England Fights in Lewiston, gaining his first win despite his age. “I never really felt anybody say look at this old guy, because to me it’s just a number,” Kelly said. ‘It’s the drive and the passion you have inside.” He trains at Young’s MMA in Bangor.

Ronda Rousey declines to fight against transgender Fallon Fox


The Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey has been vocal in refusing to fight the first transgender in the MMA world, Fallon Fox. Rousey thinks that there is no “undo button” on gender as the UFC champ had done some research regarding Fallon’s scenario. She added, “In Fallon Fox’s case, I think she does have an unfair advantage.”

On her Facebook account, Fallon responded stating that “I really wish Ronda would stop with the ridiculous bone structure arguments”.

Researchers have also expressed their opinion and point out that a transgender would have an actual disadvantage in a fight because the bone strength and muscle density might be affected due to hormone treatment.

MMA star punched Expendables 3 director during a shoot


MMA star and actress Ronda Rousey reportedly beat up her film’s director Patrick Hughes albeit it’s in a friendly environment.

The Expendables 3 director offered himself up as a punching bag for Rousey during filming to let her nervousness out of her system. The actress usually spar and punches bags before her fight and her first big shoot with Sylvester Stallone made her nervous.

Hughes explains: “Ronda’s first scene ever was with Sly (Sylvester Stallone) at a bar and she was really super nervous. I said, ‘What do you do before a big fight?’ And she said, ‘I like to spar in a room and get that nervous energy out’. “So I said, ‘You need to hit something? Let’s find something to hit!’ She said, ‘But I wanna hit you. Put your arms up’. “I’m thinking, ‘Ronda’s just gonna hit my hands,’ so I put my arms up and she goes, ‘wham!’ The next day I was getting dressed and my kids were there and said, ‘Dad, what’s that?’ I had this huge black mark and a broken rib. I said, ‘I got beaten up by an actress!'”

Penn State Defensive tackle Anthony Zettel trains in MMA to hone skills


Penn State defensive tackle Anthony Zettel trains in mixed martial arts to enhance his defensive skills, a report said. While Zettel is an obvious gifted athlete, his abilities has been honed to perfection by training with MMA veteran Bruce Lombard. Zettel racked up seven tackles for loss and three sacks in three games this year. Lombard’s MMAFx program is specifically designed to help football players to improve their conditioning, arm speed, footwork, and more. Lombard trained formed Penn State offensive guard John Urschel and defensive tackle DaQuan Jone before they were drafted in the 2014 NFL draft. Zettel works with Lombard 3 days every week and focuses on boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, and other forms of martial arts.